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REX also offers a variety of microfilming/scanning supplies and equipment!!!  See our products page.

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Microfilming remains a tried and tested, low cost method of miniaturizing documents and drawings for archival preservation. Microfilm falls into two basic categories: 16mm filming for documents and 35mm filming for plans and drawings.  

16mm Roll Film 

REX specialists film records on planetary cameras at 24X reduction. This process results in the highest quality image achievable using the company's state-of-the-art equipment.  The Quality Control department of REX further assures no "bleed through," skewed images, or unacceptable densities.  This method remains ideal for relatively inactive documents requiring a long retention period.  Each roll contains about 6,000 images.

35mm Film

REX most often uses 35mm film for historical records. REX specialists conform to all RLG and Microfilm Preservation Guidelines.  Records such as rare books, town and city records and library collections often require this format.  REX staff uses book cradles to film 2 pages of a book as one frame and can use both comic and cine modes.

Computer Assisted Retrieval (CAR)

If desired, REX specialists can convert documents to roll film and place a small indexing blip next to each page along with a visible frame number.  REX indexers may then capture the  indexing details and reference the film and frame information into a computer database. After linking this database to a reader printer, the end user may locate the desired image location by requesting a search and thereby produce a paper copy in a matter of a few seconds.


Microfilm Jackets

Microfilm jackets represent plastic sleeves that hold up to seventy images of film.  This method of storage remains ideal for low volume retrievals, especially when "add on" images need to be inserted at a later date.  Many customers store medical records or personnel files in jackets, and duplicate these jackets as microfiche where each patient possesses his own fiche.  

Canon RFS 1000

The Canon RFS 1000 stands out as a revolutionary machine that microfilms and scans images simultaneously.  This equipment bridges the technology of microfilm with the benefits of CD-ROM.  The end user enjoys the security of filming while appreciating the flexibility of imaging.  This process saves the end user from purchasing a Reader/Printer, if desired.  With REX's software package, scanning allows the end user to print, fax, email, network or save images to a TIFF Group IV format or produce a CD-ROM or Optical Disk.  REX remains, to its knowledge, the only service bureau in Michigan using this state-of-the-art equipment.

Microfilm remains...

  • the most economical solution for archiving records long term
  • ideal for less active records
  • the solution when the end user needs an archival file copy
  • an answer to disaster recovery needs by creating duplicate rolls

Scanning Service

REX offers a complete range of document imaging products and services.  The company's aim remains to transition paper documents from filing cabinets to a PC environment.  There, personnel can integrate, manage, and share information throughout the organization.  The end user may display, fax, print, email, and annotate documents instantly without leaving the desktop.  The end user may also archive external files like MS Word or Excel spreadsheets directly into REX's system.  

Service Bureau

REX offers "one-stop" shopping and a turnkey solution as a service bureau.  REX personnel, or a designated courier, picks up the customer's documents on a regular basis and transports them to our facility.  REX returns a CD-ROM, which contains the scanned documents, a  customized index to those documents, and the Paper Vision Enterprise software needed to retrieve the information on a PC or over a network environment. Typically, REX specialists scan records needing frequent retrieval including Accounts Payable and Receivable Files, Client & Customer Files, Payroll & HR Files, Student Records, Medical Records and Engineering Drawings and QC Documents.


REX supplies all the necessary hardware and software to set up a comprehensive in-house scanning department. From small offices to large organizations, REX can provide full installation and training as well as continuous technical support.
Mainframe Archiving

The COLD (Computer Output to Laser Disk) process through Dataflow allows REX technical specialists to archive mainframe information into user-friendly digital format.

End users may retrieve documents by any desired search criteria with the option of full text search capabilities.  REX specialists design a form overlay so the end user's data appears as it would on paper.  DATAFLOW reduces and often eliminates the need to print reports on paper or store reports on microfilm or microfiche.


  • Improves customer service by handling customer queries quickly and professionally
  • Speeds up decision making by having larger archives of information at the end user's control to analyze and comprehend
  • Increases personal productivity by spending more time using information and less time searching for it
  • Enables the end user to have a competitive advantage
  • Leads to an improved corporate productivity translating to improved corporate profitability

Other Benefits

  • CD-ROMs can store roughly 16,000 documents, the equivalent of at least one 4 drawer filing cabinet
  • Digital storage frees up vital space and eliminates misplaced and misfiled documents

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